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Graphic Design, Logos & Brand Identity

Transforming the story of your brand and business into its stunning visual form sometimes requires a little dark magic. Voodoo’s designers are well-versed in the leading platforms and methods to adapt your emails, websites, and print collateral into magical narrative elements. These lovingly crafted, visual designs breathe life into the facts, stories, and ideas behind your brand, underscoring their significance.

We understand the importance of intelligent design and its impact on the growth and development of your brand but reaching your customer base takes more than just an eye for what looks appealing. It takes the experience and talent required to connect with today's consumers and increase their engagement. We’re passionate about improving the visual identity of brands and we do it with the end consumer in mind.

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Brent D.

We used Christi for graphic design of presentation materials for a client. We had a time crunch and Christi did a fantastic job under a tight timeline. The graphics were so good, the client asked if they could have them and are now sitting in her office. Highly recommended to make your work products look great.