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About Voodoo Creative

Hello there!

We’re Voodoo Creative, an integrated, full-service team of designers, developers, and marketers obsessed with using our mystical talents to transform ideas into fully-functioning brands.

As a marketing and design agency, we help influence consumer choice and create enviable print and digital content. That means we’re persuasive and artistic, skillsets capable of producing eye-catching websites, engaging advertising campaigns, and compelling stories that build a lasting legacy. And for the sake of full transparency, it’s worth mentioning that we’ve been at it for a long time. Before Instagram existed, before 'SEO Specialist' was a highly sought job title, we've helped companies find their footing online. Our independent and strategically-driven team builds and refines incredible brands.

We take pride in helping clients reach their goals, deploying a creative talent of supernatural proportions to every project. Our purpose and passion are apparent in every aspect of our work. Take a look at how we bolded Voodoo Creative, a name to describe our capabilities and love affair with New Orleans, then provided context by defining those words below.


Voodoo [voo-doo] -

  1. (n.) black magic; sorcery
  2. (adj.) to affect by voodoo sorcery

Creative [cre-a-tive] –

  1. (adj.) marked by the ability to create
  2. (n.) one who is creative

Now, the next time you see a voodoo doll, or realize you need a new website, will you think of us? Perhaps. But while you’re contemplating that, take a moment to browse our testimonials or check out our recent work. If you're looking to speak directly to your market, give your brand a facelift, or create something from the ground up, get in touch. We're open for business.


About Our Founder

Christi Yarema is an energetic Front-End Web Developer and Graphic Designer with over 15 years of experience creating and maintaining functional, attractive designs and responsive websites for over 150 companies across the globe.

Christi grew up in West Palm Beach, FL and moved to New Orleans in 2010. She received her BFA in Graphic Design from the University of Central Florida and later received her MS in Web Development from the University of Denver.

When not designing or coding, Christi enjoys going offshore fishing, painting, finding the best happy hours in NOLA, and eating other people's cooking!

Digit (aka Baw)

Chief Pup Officer

Digit joined the Voodoo Creative team in July 2020. Since his time here, he's proven himself a great leader with excellent organization skills.

Life was a bit tough before joining our team. He was homeless on the mean streets of Ponchatoula with a few missing "digits". But that doesn't slow him down. When we received his application for employment, we knew he'd be the perfect fit and hired him right away.

Digit fully believes in two 15 minute breaks a day and makes sure the team complies with the rules. When he's not busy managing the office and the team, he enjoys going for long walks, chasing cats, and vacationing Down the Bayou.


Marissa Noell


A jill-of-all-trades, multi-channel designer, Marissa has years of experience as a brand designer under her belt and loves to bring a unique perspective to every project.

She's a graduate of the Savannah College of Art and Design and has worked with a variety of industries and platforms.

Away from work, you can find her making art with lasers or biking around the city.

Voodoo Partners

2nd Story Creative is Voodoo's geaux-to for all things photography! They have that je ne sais quoi to make all your photos magical!

Elliptical Hosting’s Website Hosting Services deliver the perfect combination of speed, price and support. We've worked with them for over 8 years!